Our Mission

We're here for you. Our job is to make sure your college experience is everything it should be -- exciting, stimulating, and successful.
We're here for the community. The Chapter College's mission is to make quality education affordable and accessible to everyone in the Kerala district. That's why Richland offers a variety of educational programs at low costs to students.
We guarantee an equal education opportunity without regard to gender, marital status, color, race, religion, national origin, or disability.
To keep working for you, we need to know what you want. While at Kerala, you may be asked for your input and opinions on such things as your favorite television or radio stations, how to make the schedules more user friendly, and other College issues. Through course evaluations, student forums, student government, and student/faculty conferences, we keep the lines of communication open!


Providing The Best Study

The mission of The Chapter College is to provide innovative educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive, and prosper.
The College’s Mission is partially prescribed by the State of Illinois, and it responds to the purposes of a comprehensive community college. Briefly stated, the College achieves its mission and purposes by offering the following programs:
The first two years of a baccalaureate education
Technical courses, certificates, and degrees designed to provide job training, retraining, and upgrading of skills
Basic educational skills designed to prepare students to engage in college-level study
Continuing and community education courses and programs designed to provide and encourage opportunities for lifelong learning
Student development programs and services designed to help students identify educational and career goals, set realistic career paths, and develop skills necessary to achieve intellectual and personal growth
Academic programs and services that provide supplemental support to both teaching and learning
Community education activities and programs that complement, enhance, and contribute to the growth and enrichment of students and the community, both inside and outside of the classroom
Community service activities and programs that promote linkages with business, industry, and governmental agencies designed to meet the changing needs of the market place and promote economic growth in Central Illinois

Core Values


The Chapter Collegeengages in a process of self and community reflection that would lead us to recognize and heighten awareness of the core values we and our institution have already practiced and articulated, to seek agreement about those values, and to develop an institutional culture that holds itself accountable to those values.